If you happen to be in need of an experienced English Teacher, editor, or translator (Dutch to English or English to Dutch), look no further.

High attention to detail, versatility and flexibility to adapt to any situation or need, and creative problem solving are all qualities I have to offer you. Obtaining CELTA certification has strengthened and broadened my higher level English language skills which has proved helpful in teaching, both privately and in the classroom.

Born in 1978 in the heart of the Netherlands, I was raised bilingually in Dutch and English. This upbringing, my natural ability to pick up languages, and the huge influence of British and American books, music, and movies and television, combined with my travels, have helped shape me into who I am today: a Dutchman with an uncanny grasp of the English language.

Click here to view my CV and feel free to email me with questions concerning availability, rates, or anything else.